Non-Prime Accounts


Counterstrike: Global offensive started its journey in the gaming world with some great reviews; the game is set on mode of single player, multiplayer and in teams. CSGO proved itself to be an immediate favorite among the gaming community mainly attributed to the new features and updates present in it. The way via which the player can increase his gaming rank in it is through continuous practice and great skills. But the thing which is a big hindrance in achieving a higher rank and that too quickly is the shortage of time. A gamer wants to achieve all those high ranks and achievements as early as it could be possible so that the fun of the game is not halted. A gamer doesn’t want to get stuck up on a level and wants to clear it as soon as possible. This is where the concept of CSGO nonprime accounts comes in to play.
Nonprime accounts are among the CSGO ranked accounts where one can compete as CSGO smurfs and accelerate in his ranks. Some of the features of it are:

  • In order to get a CSGO nonprime account one has to be on rank 2 of CSGO which is quite convenient as compared to CSGO prime account rank 21.
  • There is no need of providing your personal contact number as it is not needed to continue on in the game.

The main feature of the CSGO nonprime accounts is the easiness to accelerate up in the ranks without spending a great amount of time and also the skilled players get the chance to compete against unskilled and inexperienced players decreasing their own chances of defeat. In short players can have CSGO smurf accounts to compete as skilled competitors but against inexperienced players so as to save their own ranks from being degraded.
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