A Guide to CS:GO Prime Account


If you are into gaming, you must be aware about “Prime Accounts”. Many people do not know how to obtain this account and what is the real purpose of it.

This article will cover the use of prime account and how novices can obtain it.

The idea behind Prime Account

The concept of Prime accounts was hosted as an experiment by Valve. It was done in April 2016 for the improvement of matchmaking. The basic idea behind this experimentation was to know that how gamers having prime accounts will compete with other gamers holding similar prime accounts. It makes gaming more trustworthy and the chances of dealing with tricksters will probably decrease. This experiment became a major hit and prime accounts have become an eternal tool for gamers today.

Now the question arises that how one can get signed up with a prime account? What steps are essential to be taken and what information is required. Let us see below:

How to get your own Prime Account?

-         For getting a Prime Account, it is important to confirm the phone number in Steam. If you are getting a problem with your phone number or if you want to change it, you can do it by following the below mentioned steps:

1-     Go to the Steam menu and on the top right select, click on your profile button. Then, from here go to the Account details option.

2-     Now go to the “Contact info” option and select “manage phone number”.

3-     Now enter the new phone number and select “Next”. You will receive an SMS from Steam. This SMS will contain a confirmation code. You will add this code to confirm your phone number. Once this step is done, your phone number will be changed on Steam.

-         Valve has created certain conditions to get a Prime Account so that every other player cannot get it and the game is not ruined. In order to stay away from cheaters, it is imperative to level up to 21 levels (Lieutenant). This condition is created so that gamers will gain some experience before coming to this level.

-         You can also obtain a Prime Account by if you own a Service Medal. For getting this medal, it is essential to play Counter Strike for certain number of years. Thus, the basic idea is to spend time on the game before being eligible for Prime Accounts.

Now, if you want to upgrade your account to the Prime Account, simply click the Detail button set on your CS:GO profile menu. After that, click on Upgrade. It will ask for the validation of your phone number on Steam and then you are done!