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About Us Ever wondered how we started?

The Gamerz Hub is a committed team with a genuine passion for online gaming. It is this passion that drives us to deliver fresh and exciting products for the growing online gaming community. Starting off offering DOTA 2 products and Counter Strike: GO skins in 2014, we have gone through several key phases in our business and have expanded significantly since. We believe that this is down to the continued support and assistance from our clients and partners and also our perseverance in being able to provide the best products in the market for the most competitive prices.


Our mission is to be world's most reliable online gaming store where a gamer can get an ultimate gaming solution.


To always remain a step ahead in creating new and exciting offers for the growing online gaming community.

Accounts Pricing

Silver 1
Price: $2.5
Silver 2
Price: $3.2
Silver 3
Price: $2.8
Silver 4
Price: $2.5
Silver Elite
Price: $2.1
Silver Elite Master
Price: $2.1
Gold Nova 1
Price: $2.1
Gold Nova 2
Price: $2.1
Gold Nova 3
Price: $2.1
Gold Nova Master
Price: $2.1
Master Guardian 1
Price: $2.2
Master Guardian 2
Price: $2.2
Master Guardian Elite
Price: $2.7
Distinguished Master Guardian
Price: $2.9
Legendary Eagle
Price: $3.3
Legendary Eagle Master
Price: $3.6
Supreme Master First Class
Price: $6.5
Global Elite
Price: $8
PUBG Fresh Account
Price: $13
$5 Steam Wallet
Price: $5


How does Premiumship work?

  1. You will have access to the premium dashboard on The Gamerz Hub.
  2. You can submit an account via the add account section where you’ll be redirected to a form to fill in the details.
  3. Once submitted, the account goes to the pending state, where it’ll be either approved or disapproved within 24-48 working hours.
  4. Once approved, your pending payment will show up on your dashboard.
  5. You can withdraw your payment anytime you like (it stacks up till you cash it out).
  6. Once you choose to withdraw your payment, your request is submitted to the payment queue which takes 24 working hours to get processed.



  1. An account may take around 24-48 working hours to be approved.
  2. As your accounts are approved, each account’s payment will be added to your The Gamerz Hub Wallet, with an option to cash out.



  1. There is an option to either withdraw the Wallet balance with PayPal or with keys. (You must have the valid PayPal ID and Steam Trade URL entered in your profiles).
  2. Withdraw will only be available if there are no active disputes (unresolved account issues flagged on The Gamerz Hub).

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