How to manage the cross-hair and different commands in CS GO


The management and control of cross hair is an important scenario for different multiplayer shooting games and CS GO is a great game when it comes to the utilization f multiplayer scenarios. Once the cross hair is managed by the player the shooting becomes imminent and it would result in viable outcomes in both the short and the long run. The developer console is an important scenario for this perspective and this can be activated through the settings menu. The option of yes can be selected by the player to enable the developer console.

The color of the cross-hair is another important characteristic because different colors are present in the game that can provide a helping hand for the players. The colors and size of the cross hair can be adjusted through the developer console and this can be done through the UI settings.

There are different advanced settings of the cross hair that can be done through various parameters and this would give the ease of playing the game to the players. There are different commands similar to CS 1.6 with cl_cross hair style and these commands are meant for the dynamic and static cross hair. Similarly, there is an additional classic style in the game play that would also help different players in their shooting style.

Different professional games adjust their cross hairs according to their game play, but they do not recommend using the default cross hair because they believe that this varies from person to person. Similarly, aiming scenarios varies from person to person and people should opt for their personal convenience style while playing the game. However, spraying fire is best possible with the cross hair style 4, while single-shot firing is viable with the cross hair style of 3.

There are different commands that are important to change the color and these commands should be configured through the parameter of cl_cross hair color X parameter. The different cross hair colors that are available include red, green, blue, cyan, custom. The ranges of the colors with respect to the commands are from 0 to 5. The professional players believe different cross hair colors should be changed for different maps and this is an important scene in the game play. However, some of the professional players also believe that the color of the cross hair is not important in the overall game play.

The cross hair outline and center dot are also important to create a significant difference in the game play. The outline depicts a much denser cross hair, while a not outline cross hair is much thinner. When the players enable the center dot then in this scenario a dot appears in the center of the cross hair and it is important for certain players to ensure proper aiming experience. The transparency of the cross hair is similar to CS 1.6 and the working is the same as the previous edition. The overall size of the cross-hair is also a very important constituent because this would help in the aiming. There are certain other customized setups of professionals available and their setup can be copied for the best aiming experience.


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