Benefits of Playing CS:GO with Smurf Accounts


Counter Strike is one of the best online games for which people are crazy around the globe. Fans of the game are ready to spend their huge time and energy for the game. They device strategies for winning the game and the game is popular in every nook and corner of the world. The best part of the game is its ranking. The ranking system makes the players more involved in the game. It keeps the players motivated and helps in differentiating one player from the other. There are a number of ranks in CS: GO and players work really hard to get a higher rank.

Global Elite is the highest rank in Counter Strike and only the most experienced players get this rank. The ranking system is designed in a way that if there are no consecutive wins, the player will lose its rank and thus it will get a lower rank. In short, all the time and energy will get wasted if a player loses at a higher rank.

In order to play safely, some professional players have designed a strategy of making a new account. This new account is used in playing with the newbies. Beating the newbies not only helps in boosting confidence but it also decreases the number of opponents. Thus, this process of creating a new account in order to secure your higher rank in Counter Strike is called smurfing and this new account is called a Smurf Account. Just like in many other online games, smurfing is also famous in Counter Strike. Some players regard smurfing as essential for playing with peace and getting a high rank. Though smurfing is widely used for humiliating the newbies in gaming but it is not illegal to do it. The person who is using a smurf account against new comers will never be penalized but in general opinion, it is unfair to destroy the game of nine new comers.

Playing CS:SO with smurf accounts have both benefits as well as drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss the types of smurf accounts and its benefits.

Types of Smurf Accounts

Smurf accounts are broadly categorized into Silvers, Gold Novas, Global Elites, Legendary Eagles, and Master Guardian.


Silvers are the most lowest priced accounts and people looking for cheap smurf accounts go for Silver smurfs.

Gold Novas

Gold Novas are better than Silvers. The initial gold novas are very similar to silvers but a high rank gold nova is different. You will find more serious players having gold novas in comparison to silvers.

Global Elites

This is one of the highest ranks in CS:GO and this rank is given only to professional and experienced writers. People having Global Elites have spent thousands of hours in gaming and have abundance of experience.

Benefits of Smurf Accounts

-         Time saving

Some professional players buy smurf accounts to save time. The queue time for a normal player is high thus a lot of time is wasted. You can cover this time by using a smurf account.

-         Relieving game stress

When you buy a smurf account and play with it, you have no stress of losing your high rank which is otherwise be lost if you play with your ordinary account.

-         Increases motivation for higher ranks

Professional players get ultimate motivation for achieving higher ranks in Counter Strike when they use smurf account. Since smurfing saves you from hackers and cheaters, the game becomes clean and easy to play. On the other hand, players rank is not affected and they can easily deal with the newbies by using their smurf account. In addition to tis, smurf accounts are a great way of achieving higher ranks with ease.

-         No fear of banning

When players play with smurf accounts, there is no fear of being penalized or banned from the game because these accounts are completely authorized.

In short, smurf accounts are of several types and they provide multiple benefits to the players depending on their type and use. It depends on the player that how smartly he uses the smurf account to get a higher rank and compete with his gaming opponents.