How Many Wins Does It Take To Rank Up In CS: GO?


To be the best Counter Strike player, you can never be content with being the middle fish in a small fish tank. The hardcore CS gamer always want more and more to be the biggest fish in the aquarium, and for that, you have to rank up in Counter Strike. The rank system of Counter Strike: Global Offensive serves mainly to classify the ability of the players, as you can surely deduce on your own without further explanation.

Once you have played your first ten competitive games, the system will place you in the Rank system. It is done according to the capability that the system detects of yours, but your Rank is not permanent, so you will vary according to your ability in successive games. In today’s post, we will try to explain “how many wins does it take to rank up in CS: GO? And how you can level up your rank without much hassle.

All Ranks in CS: GO

The journey from Silver I to Global Elite can take forever. To achieve that rank, it is important to understand how the rank system works and what is necessary to progress in CS: GO competitive mode. Though Valve has never revealed much details about it, we do have enough information to help us better understand its mechanics. 

We can classify the levels into three categories, i.e., Low, Intermediate and High. These categories and ranks are as follows:

Low Level Ranks

1.     Silver I (S1)

2.     Silver II (S2)

3.     Silver III (S3) 

4.     Silver IV (S4)

5.     Silver Elite (SE)

6.     Silver Elite Master (SEM)

Intermediate Level Ranks

7.     Gold Nova I (GN1)

8.     Gold Nova (GN2)

9.     Gold Nova (GN3)

10. Gold Nova Master (GNM or GN4)

11. Master Guardian I (MG1)

12. Master Guardian II (MG2)

High Level Ranks

13. Master Guardian Elite (MGE)

14. Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG)

15. Legendary Eagle (LE)

16. Legendary Eagle Master (LEM)

17. Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)

18. The Global Elite (GE)

To rank up, you need to understand how this rank system really works. It must be said that the system to place yourself in one rank or another is not as easy to understand as it may seem. At a superficial level, what you have on these lines are the general guidelines according to which your level is determined. However, the software does infinitely more complex things and if, for example, you are very constant, always maintaining stable values, you will neither take into account a bad game to download nor a good one to upload. But, of course, it is always possible to improve or get worse. You can carry hundreds of very constant games without changing levels and have a good streak and raise. It is only possible to understand the system relatively better with experience, playing on your own.

In order rank up, it is necessary to clarify that, obviously, only competitive games will count to increase your Rank, i.e., those that we play in Casual mode, against the bots; the private games will not affect the Rank of our profile.

The most important thing is to win games. If you lose, your rank will eventually go down. However, winning or losing is not the only thing taken into account to determine how much you go up or down after a certain number of games. To avoid a player with a good rank being dragged down by bad rounds, the following points are also valued. These factors are valued for each round and over the total rounds of the game;

·        Deaths and assists

·        Deaths with shots to the head

·        Deaths with grenades of any type or knife

·        Accuracy percentage when shooting

·        Damage you have taken or dealt, regardless of casualties

·        Position on the scoreboard at the end of the game

·        If you have played Demolition, the game will take into account whether you have planted the bomb or not.

·        If you kill companions with friendly fire, you will lose points.

Reaching the highest ranks can be exhausting. Surely, you will have to play a large number of games with the players of your level. Only a small percentage of players manage to reach the rank of Global Elite. The only way to improve is by playing and learning the maps, and you can also try watching professional games. One of the easiest ways to rank up is through buying CS:GO game accounts from a professional CS account providing service.


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